About us


Jus imperator is a Double Blinded Peer Review E-Journal with ISSN: 2456-9666 that provide platform to professors, scholars, academicians, professionals and students, for publishing paper in the field of law and management. We uses technology to enhance and cultivate the writers and their talents with a mission to develop writing as A PEN IS MIGHTER THAN A SWORD. The main objective of the journal is to encourage research publication.

We find out what writers are doing and help them to do it better. Through technology we enable writers to build on their skills and knowledge to produce something useful and to make a view to focus on the young writers and their talent accompanied with their dreams. All articles submitted are subjected to peer review process. The submitted article will be published after getting final approval from the editorial boards. The acceptance and rejection will be informed by via email. The submitted papers should be as per Author’s Guidelines. Its a Quarterly E-Journal.

Founders Message

Rajat Godha
Founder & CEO

From the exceptionally beginning, our endeavor is to make lawful mindfulness in the general public. To accomplish this intention, we have chosen to start journal of “JUS IMPERATOR”. We trust that the goal of our association will soon be accomplished and we will have a legitimately vigilant society. It is the main attempt of Jus Imperator to bring awareness among the general public and we soon will find a way to do likewise. We wish to give something back to the legitimate society which we are a part of. I trust that Jus Imperator turns into a surprising stride in accomplishing this target. May the general public be lawfully mindful.

Editor-in-chief’s Message

Several landmark events have occurred in the past few years that have enabled tremendous advances in legal and business research. The rapidly growing legal sector is beginning to expand both amongst lawyers and students and also business entities. These companies are seeking robust avenues to promote their current and develop new research capabilities. Collectively, these events are dramatically increasing the quantity and quality of both scientific research and analogue studies.

To provide research enthusiasts alike a way to stay at the vanguard of the latest cutting edge research findings in this rapidly emerging field, we designed Jus Imperator as a stringently peer-reviewed platform dedicated to publishing the most important scientific advances applicable to a diverse readership. Indeed, Jus Imperator is a truly cross-disciplinary, open access journal that serves as a novel platform for scientific exchange by capturing the discoveries made in the field of law and management.

As the first Editor-in-Chief for Jus Imperator, I am delighted to be a part of this new cross-disciplinary initiative, which I believe is exactly the type of platform needed to highlight and broaden law & management research into widespread mainstream acceptance with the highest values of scientific integrity historically defined by the entire fraternity. It is with profound pleasure, humility and anticipation that we celebrate the launch of Jus Imperator with this inaugural issue. On behalf of the Jus Imperator Editorial Team, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the readership of Jus Imperator.

The aim of the journal is to percolate knowledge in various research fields and elevate high end research. The objective is being pursued vigorously by providing the necessary eco-system for research and development.

I also extend our heartfelt thanks to the reviewers and members of the editorial board who so carefully perused the papers and carried out justified evaluation. I am certain that these papers will provide qualitative information and thoughtful ideas to our accomplished readers. On behalf of the entire editorial board, I thank all the readers profusely who conveyed their appreciation on the quality and content of the journal and expressed their best wishes for future issues.

We are working hard to enhance the quality of papers, reduce the turnaround time for manuscripts, provide fair reviews and smoothen the editorial management process. We wish to take the journal in a direction where it encompasses all the emerging areas, reflecting the research oriented approach, which is an essential link between academic research and professional practice in the field of management & law. Our main objective will be to strengthen the boundaries of the journal, to strengthen the reviewer database, and to motivate potential authors to contribute to the journal. In parallel, we all should join hands in preventing plagiarism, duplicate articles and unreliable research. I invite the authors to submit original and first-hand articles, which will help to achieve our goal of obtaining higher Global Impact Factor for the journal to maintain the relevance of the journal in a highly competitive field.

The journal’s editorial board is strongly convinced this initiative will provide research-driven, peer-reviewed articles conforming to the strict international processes and editorial standards expected by the legal and business community. Jus Imperator is published 4 times a year. To ensure rapid dissemination of information, we aim at completing the review process of each paper within 2 months of initial submission.

Once again I welcome you to this journal – your journal! With your support as authors, reviewers, and editors, I see very bright prospects for Jus Imperator to serve the community even better in the future. Ultimately, we will improve more lives and, consequently, our communities.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please address them to jusimperatoreditorinchief@gmail.com

Rupali Rathore


Our Objectives

Jus Imperator mission is to give exhaustive and straightforward lawful data to students, and make such data simple to discover on the Internet. Visitors of Jus Imperator will locate an extensive variety of elements that incorporate Upcoming Legal News, Research paper, and Articles.

We believe that everyone has capacity to do something new and creative but everyone does not get opportunity. We provide you platform with this opportunity. We will provide you platform for young writers as well as advocates and professors.