Nationwide Lockdown Covid-19

September 19, 2019
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April 26, 2020

Nationwide Lockdown -Covid 19

What lockdown is?

"Pandemic"-be alert

We are all aware of the pandemic across the globe. Coronavirus/COVID19 has hit a major setback for almost all the countries to cope with. Lockdown is one of the proved safety measure to fight it. It is an emergency protocol that abstains people or information from leaving a particular place for specific time period. Indian prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi on 24 march 2020 announced the need for nationwide lockdown for 21 days. Since then each province is sincerely following up the orders. It's pertinent to note that lockdown in a no way means shut down. In present scenario, it's more likely a replacement word for work from home and enhancing the professional skills with online training. Stay tuned further to know more about:

need, merits & demerits
•impact on economy
•impact in daily lives
•public response
voluntary contribution
Covid19 has spread formula-"×3". Any native coming into direct or indirect contact of the infected is highly likely to be effected severely. As India has pretty high population density, spread chances are even more than 10 times of other countries. Corona, if once reaches its 4th stage, it might then be a turn of humans to go endangered. So, to save the economy, the citizens of our motherland & keeping in mind the worst to happen like Italy, USA, Spain, Germany, lockdown is crucial.
Ongoing lockdown is a 'lifeline for mankind'. On contrary, the mother earth is healing from abominable human works like climate degradation. Lockdown is also helping in sharing the burden of doctors who are on double duty with incomplete feed. Citizens are utilizing the time to patch up with family and connect with children to build up emotional strength.
Though lock down is saving the survivors effectively, but on the other hand shaking the country in various aspects. All the institution, schools and colleges providing education are temporarily closed down. It will be a huge gap in education for all children. Lockdown is likely to caution mental well-being by blocking social interaction. India has the world's largest democracy but this lockdown has put the freedom of citizens under a curtain of safety. And, lastly it is never guaranteed that corona after this will halt forever, it could return and blow the world again.
Impact on financial economy
Corona lockdown is needed but it might put the economy hospitalized. Resources and reserves which were to use for the development of nation and companies are put to use for health, safety and sanitation. It's a huge blow to economy and jobs. Countless people face losing jobs. All business houses are shut down for so long and addressed a cut in the share prices and other unimaginable losses. This is not only limited to individual business houses but also to nation's GDP, growth rates, per capita income and much more. Though employees will remain paid for the time being, but this expense will turn to abnormal losses for owners. No one can deny this major breakthrough and economic falldown in economic and financial sectors. It has taken the development of the country years back. Even fiscal measures later on might not be able to cover it up soon. But remember, when the pandemic effect settles down, businesses need to heal too and be on the same track of growth again.
Impact on daily lives
This is one of the horrific impact for daily wage earners and migrant laborers. During this period of time, they are to be the most hard hit. Nearly 20% of Indians are daily wage earners and are under the threat of daily starvation. They even had to travel for miles to reach their homes back being unemployed. Secondly, next hit is for the population of middle class category. Not all of them have lots of savings. They might be able to endure for shorter period but not for long if extended even further. All the essential items to earn lives are provided free of cost to many and are mostly circulated at normal price through “Rashan shops” for others as per the orders of the PM Modi. This step of saving human lives is actually overriding the economic objective but however fulfilling the social one. All the shops of emergencies are continuing to operate as usual like petrol pumps, hospitals, medical shops etc. So they are less likely to affect the general well-being of dear natives. This lockdown for individual lives and individual nations will for sure prove successful at micro level but at macro level it will terribly degrade the world economy.
Voluntary Contribution
Precaution is better than cure. Now is the hour of self-awareness. The more you are aware of this deadly virus, the more this lockdown will save you. Be at home and adopt all the safety steps. Wash your hand more, sanitize your surroundings, use face mask, don’t shake hands and do “Namaste”, maintain a proper physical distance, eat healthy properly washed food and spread the awareness with others. In your free time, indulge yourself in indoor activities. Have a good chit chat with parents and children, play with cousins, reconcile the memories of your childhood, read stories and watch TV, cherish the time to enhance your skills, upgrade your knowledge, spare some time for physical fitness and take enough time to rest your body and soul. PM Modi is serving the country being a true social worker and you serve the country being a true native. So, go, and crack your social goal with family love and fondness while government crack the corona with lockdown.
By :- Pooja Bansal

Nationwide Lockdown Covid-19